Division Cork Spigot


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The Division Cork Spigot attaches to Fireball 4 Liters and enables you to quickly and easily dispense liquids in a clean manner. It’s made from sturdy plastic to provide long-lasting use and a drip-free solution. The package contains a plunger to release pressure creating an even stream of product. The plunger also eliminates leaking and product waste.   Features & Benefits:
  • Ergonomic design easily turns off and on
  • Perfect Fit For 4 Liter containers
  • Smaller spout fits easily into 500ml bottles for refilling and diluting
  • Tight seal prevents messy leaks
  • Easy-to-use spigot allows accurate dispensing
  • Plunger eliminates leaking
  • Division Cork Spigot
  • Plunger
  • Screw
  Directions For Use:
  • Remove cap from current 4L container
  • Replace with Division Cork Spigot
  • Place the container on it’s side with the handle facing upward
  • Using a drill, screw the provided screw into the top center of the 4L container. Remove screws.
  • Place the plunger in the hole that you created with the screw. (The plunger will have a tight fit)
  • Place blank label in visible location where you desire
  Tip: Use a drill for easier installation.

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