Division PET Bottle 500ml


The Division Bottle 500ml is our premiere bottle mold, featuring textured ridges for easy grip and a variety of finish and color options. The Division Bottle has a large, smooth label space for easy organization. The bottle is made of sturdy, lightweight materials that are safe to use with mild chemicals, making it perfect for on-site dilution and storing excess of the majority of the Fireball lineup. The Division Bottle is safe to use with non-corrosive products.


  • High-quality materials.
  • 500ml capacity
  • Various aesthetic options.


To store corrosive products, use the Division HDPE Bottle.


Do not store corrosive products. Only dilute products the same day of use. Do not store diluted products.

Pairs With

Flow Tip


Detail Sprayer




Division HDPE Bottle 500ml