Tire Applicator Pad


Tire Applicator Pads are not just some regular foam pads, these are some of the highest-density foams ever made. The high-density foam eliminates the tire product from absorbing into the applicator and reduces product waste. The specific contoured design makes it easy to apply the tire dressing in a 360-degree motion around the wheel. The unique design also prevents excess product from building up on the rim. The applicator pad can be used on other surfaces as well.   Features & Benefits:
  • Contoured to fit tire angle perfectly
  • Highly durable tire dressing applicator pads
  • Durable high-density foam
  • Foam is designed to reduce product waste
  Directions for Use:
  • Simply place the product on the contoured part of the applicator pad for tire applications
  • Any side of the block can be used for applications on other surfaces if desired
  • Hand wash with a degreaser and let dry completely before reusing

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