We maintain 90% of our clientele year around. We use lots of ceramic due to making it much easier to keep the clients vehicle looking perfect. Often without the clients attention. We do sell coatings but most of our clientele don’t care and want us to just handle it for them. Although we do keep receipts and record of invoices for each client most of them are very busy and important and don’t have the ability to manage everything themselves. I have heard very good things about fireball in the detailing community and we only want the best. We regularly detail 150k-500k vehicles and want to take our business to the next level with a good “detailer friendly” company. From my experience your company gives serious detailers the ability to still use amazing products and make our own profit. We are a very science heavy company we have done extensive research and investment into our line of work even hired a chemical engineer to tutor us on understanding the science behind our favorite products and the ability to read the scientific literature in order to continue giving our clients the absolute best and highest level of confidence in our work. We recently purchased a brand new building and are wanting to be able to offer more to our clients by the time we are built and moved in. We also will have our areas only “detail supply” storefront including spot free water supply.