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Protect your car with Fireball Ceramic Coating

Protect your car with a brand you can trust. Fireball Ceramic Coating is an industry leading hydrophobic protection system. Our coating wraps your car in a layer of scratch-resistant, hydrophobic ceramics. Get a free quote now.


Learn how to Install Ceramic Paint Protection with our Training Courses

Grow your business with our comprehensive training programs. Learn everything you need to know on how to install ceramic coating paint protection at Fireball Academy. Obtain business to business discounts and bulk order capabilities when you sign up.

Auto Detailing Products & Supplies for Every Occasion

Fireball provides a complete ecosystem of uniquely engineered products and supplies. Designed from the ground up to work together and protect your vehicle, we have a product for any auto detailing challenge you may face.

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Hands-On Detailing Training

Invest in your business with professional detailing training. Learn how to install ceramic and graphene coatings to the next level, with our comprehensive class. Academy is a hands-on group experience, designed to enhance your knowledge of the entire paint protection installation process.