Various sizes and textures, designed to apply or remove products safely, without damaging the interior or exterior surfaces.

Eclipse Towel


Korean Plush Towels (10 Pack)


Black Fox Towel


Jet Towel


Twist Drying Towel


Terry Bear Towel


Pin Twist Towel


The Terry Bear Towel is my absolute favorite towel on the market. Nice and plush with a high GSM. It can be used for just about everything, but my favorite is polish removal. The only downside is the price, but I think it's worth it to have 2-4 in the shop for when I want to use.

Terry Bear

I purchased this towel to be a back up and an assistant to my full size, expensive drying towels. There are some big name brands out there when it comes to drying towels, and I have tried them all. Rest assured, that this surpasses them by a country mile.

Pin Twist Towel

I often find that with more than most of my microfiber towels from other brands, that they tend to leave lint and dust on whatever I use them on after a wash. These towels however, seem to work like new after each and every wash! They perform well and are fantastic for every sort of use you could think of. Can't recommend highly enough.

Jet Towel