Jet Towel


Jet Towel is a microfiber towel built with detailers in mind. Its tight-weave microfibers create soft and even coverage on the microscopic level. Its build quality guarantees no fibers are left behind. And, the Jet towel is nearly twice the size of industry-standard microfiber towels, providing installers a better usability and longevity. Use the Jet Towel for ceramic coating removal and more.


  • Ultra-soft individually-manufactured microfibers.
  • Seamless design helps eliminate streaking and residue.
  • 70/30 blend.
  • 400gsm.


Fold and flip the Jet Towel for multiple uses per panel.


Machine washable. Wash with like colors to avoid bleeding or cross contamination Do not use fabric softener. Do not machine dry.

I often find that with more than most of my microfibre towels from other brands, that they tend to leave lint and dust on whatever I use them on after a wash. These towels however, seem to work like new after each and every wash! They perform well and are fantastic for every sort of use you could think of. In particular they do a great job of cleaning windows and removing wax/sealants and or coatings quickly and effectively. Can't recommend highly enough.

Devan L

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Frequently asked questions

No, the Jet Towel features a seamless, laser cut design. This reduces left behind residue and reduces the risk of scratching.
Although the jet towel was designed as a multi-purpose towel, it has quickly become a fan favorite for removing ceramic coatings and sealants without scratching soft paints.
Weight and size are the main differences.

Features & and; Benefits

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