Pearl Shampoo


Pearl Shampoo is a premium shampoo focused around non-destructive, risk-free washing. Pearl Shampoo is a powerful cleaner, and leaves behind a slick protective finish featuring pearlescent Titanium Dioxide particles. Pearl Shampoo’s pearlescent sheen and thick consistency are specially designed for detailers who prefer to lather thick layers of soap on during their washes. Pearl Shampoo can be used as a stand-alone wash or a supplemental post-wash finish.


  • Risk-free formula breaks down dirt and debris.
  • Created for bucket- washing.
  • Highly concentrated solution – over 64 wash buckets from a single 500ml bottle.
  • Hydrates and lubricates vehicle paint.
  • Rich foam aids in damage-free washing.
  • Designed to work with sealants like Pirouette, Hydro Foam, and Nano Coat.
  • Completely pH neutral and safe on all vehicle paints, PPF, and ceramic coatings.


Shampoo Pearl is best applied with a Terry Bear Towel, a Wash Pad, or a Wash Mitt.


Follow the dilution rate to avoid staining and other unwanted effects. Keep out of reach of children.
Shake well, until pearlescent strands can be seen throughout the mixture.
Make sure the vehicle is pre-washed and in a cool environment. Do not wash in direct sunlight.
Dilute 1:1000-1:1500 into a wash bucket ( 0.5 oz to 3.5 gal ). Mix thoroughly.
Use the mixed shampoo to hand wash the vehicle. We suggest using the Fireball three-bucket method.
Do not let the shampoo dry on the vehicle. Rinse off with water and towel dry.

A very good shampoo with remarkable cleaning performance and foam formation, with extremely low consumption. Super gliding properties and a pleasant, non-penetrating scent. Even with very hard water you don't need to be afraid of limescale/water stains - and that's exactly the advantage here.

Alexander Schütz

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Frequently asked questions

Shampoo Pearl has a thicker viscosity than Shampoo Tropical but both still provide excellent lubrication.
No, the pearlescent feature is an added bonus for styling purposes and user experience.
You can get roughly 64 buckets for washing.

Features & and; Benefits

Effortless Gloss and Protections

Hydrophobics add great protection

Get a great show car look