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Ceramic Coating Classes Designed For You

We design our ceramic coating training to educate and empower business owners like you. Our extensive training aims to give you a comprehensive understanding of the detailing industry and the complete Fireball Ecosystem.

We provide in-depth, hands-on experiences. This equips our trainees to effectively navigate even the most difficult real-world scenarios. Our Academy sets you up for success, building your knowledge and skill in every aspect of the detailing process. Join us for a thorough instruction on how to install ceramic coatings.

*You must be a registered Installer to attend Fireball Academy.

Professional Ceramic Coating Courses

Virtual Academy Courses

We’re happy to introduce the newest development in the Fireball Academy structure. Our all-new virtual ceramic coating courses are here to offer quality trainings wherever you are. Our rapidly expanding community has created more demand for trainings than ever before. Our virtual courses are stepping up to fill that demand.

In the virtual courses, you’ll experience a condensed version of the in-person Academy sessions. The content of our Academy course is compacted – we give you all the information up front. The rest is in your hands. Enjoy a self-paced training in your own shop while you complete the tests required to graduate the course. 

Join our group of online participants in learning the essential steps to install a Fireball ceramic coating.

Headquarters Academy Courses

Fireball Academy provides the best platform for ceramic coating installers to hone their craft. Attendees advance their knowledge, expand their businesses, interface with professionals in our industry, and attend advanced ceramic coating classes.

Come train in our state of the art detailing facility with extensive hands on training. Here at the ceramic coating academy you’ll learn time-tested methods from experienced installers. Come train on the newest polishers, preview unreleased products, and more.

Learn from first-party Fireball experts how to advance your brand and draw in customers. Most importantly, gain the experience and knowledge necessary to turn one-time customers into long-time customers.

At Fireball Academy, you’ll network with like-minded detailers and installers. Many of our ceramic coating trainings form lasting connections that link businesses across the country. At Fireball Academy, we will introduce you to global Fireball communities, and resources like our digital asset bank. 

Come benefit from high quality marketing assets and a nation-wide network of knowledgeable and friendly Fireball detailers. 

Regional Training Courses

Regional ceramic coating course programs are a great way to learn ceramic coating installation from close to home. Our Training Centers are run by knowledgeable, first-party trained Fireball Installers. Come learn from the best, and walk away with hands-on training experience on how to install ceramic coatings flawlessly.

With the Academy’s Regional Training, you get solid, real world experience. Enhance your knowledge with first-party training from knowledgeable Fireball Installers, all in a location conveniently close to home. 

For all the benefits of Fireball Academy, find a Regional Training program near you today!

Academy Master Installer Training

Invite-Only 3 Day Training

Our highest level of certification is only open to those who have mastered the art of ceramic coating Installation. During this 3-day, invitation only event, you’ll have a chance to prove your skills in front of some of our most talented installers.

Fireball Academy’s Master Training is an international event. Members of our network from all across the western hemisphere come to our headquarters for this annual event. a chance to meet and train under the creator of our coatings, Mr. Jinn Hyuk Jang. 

This exclusive annual event can be the springboard you need to level up your coating game. Certify your skills, unlock Fireball’s full benefit range, and bring your business to a whole new level.

Guest speakers representing the leading detail shops from coast to coast will be present. Extensive business management talks from industry veterans will help improve your revenue. Hands-on demonstrations from Korean chemical engineers will expose you to an unparalleled wealth of ceramic coating knowledge.

Ready to prove yourself? Apply for admission today.

We're dedicated to helping you achieve maximum results and become the best in the business.

Master Academy Breakdown:

Day 1: Get prepared and learn the art of proper washing techniques for optimal results.

Day 2: Take your skills to the next level with advanced 1 on 1 paint correction techniques.

Day 3: Discover the complete Fireball Coatings Line, including interior, exterior, glass, wheels, and more.

Throughout the academy, candidates will be graded and scored to assess their potential for successfully installing Fireball Coatings.

Do you have what it takes to become a Master Installer with Fireball?

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Built With Individualism In Mind

We take great pride in helping our Installers succeed. After years of training installers to handle Fireball Products, we expanded our curriculum into a new structure, Fireball Academy. Fireball Academy is highly flexible, changing to incorporate your feedback and prepare you for the latest industry advancements. Our highly flexible framework ensures that the Academy always has you covered.

Fireball focuses on giving you the best experience possible. Our Academy instructors work alongside you to get to know you, your business, and your specific needs. With course curriculums tailored to individual attendees, our trainings are always relevant to your specific needs.

Everything You Need To Start Detailing
Custom Training Courses, Made Just For You

Being thorough is part of any detailer’s job. We demonstrate every step of the coating installation process. You participate in everything we do, from the pre-carwash prep to the final coat flashing process.

We don’t skim over details or skip the technical jargon. At Fireball Academy, you learn our entire professional process – everything you need to start detailing.

Fireball Academy goes in depth on detailing. Interior trim, dash elements, plastics, exterior trim, and rubber elements are all covered under course curriculum. Preparation, cleaning, washing, and coating of all these various elements will be hands-on exercises during our training.

High-Quality Tools For High-Quality Teaching

We familiarize our installers with every aspect of the detailing world, including the tools of our trade. At Fireball Academy, we have a wide selection of tools from quality, trusted brands like Flex and Rupes. You will benefit from hands-on time to form your own experience and relationship with the tools. That way, you can sample several brands and decide which is right for you.

Paint Correction Techniques For The Most Difficult Jobs

Fireball Academy holds to the age-old saying “calm seas do not make good sailors.” We want our installers to know how to address especially difficult jobs in the real world. For our Academy courses, we specifically seek out difficult vehicles.

Working with soft, easily burnable paint in our controlled environments can benefit installers. This practice prepares our installers for real-world jobs on difficult surfaces.

Coating Installations Taught By Industry Veterans

Through Fireball Academy, installers can expect to learn application and installation of a variety of coatings. The techniques taught at the Academy help our installers account for environmental factors.

Temperature, humidity, and other atmospheric disturbances can ruin a layer of coating before it sets. At Academy, we show you how to prevent this. We also show you how to correct ceramic coating mistakes, like high-spotting, premature flashing.

Strategy Sessions For Localized Marketing

Individualized Business Mentorship​

The Fireball Academy has a business curriculum to supplement and enhance all aspects of a detailing business. We account for your business’s unique situation and individual needs. Our training equips you with a range of supportive business administration practices. Whether your business is a full on franchise or just you and your friend in a single bay garage, you can benefit from this.

Avoiding generic platitudes and one-size-fits-all thinking is the core of our business mentorship program. Our instructors get to know your business over the course of the training. We can provide in-depth, insightful help that you can use in the real world.

Lead generation can be a powerful tool for installers. The Academy teaches installers to leverage leads to market effectively in their local area.

Facilities Designed For Training Detailers

Discover our state-of-the-art facility equipped with cutting-edge equipment and hand crafted training stations. Our team, with extensive experience owning shops across diverse markets, has engineered and designed these stations. These stations simulate real-world conditions Installers will face. We train with these in order to highlight the difference equipment can make in the Installation process.

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