Virtual Academy Courses


Looking to validate your skills as a Fireball Installer but don’t have a lot of time to leave your shop? This 3-hour live stream training course is just for you. Gain in-depth knowledge on all things Fireball Ceramic Coatings, including proper preparation, application, and maintenance procedures. Don’t miss out on refining your expertise and ensuring you are getting the most out of Fireball products.

Benefits of Becoming Certified:

  • Maintain exclusivity to Fireball ceramic coatings
  • Gain access to territory control
  • Discounted chemicals
  • Customizable and ready-to-use marketing materials from our Installer Asset Library
  • Several photos, videos, and icons ready to use to boost your brand
  • POS and product displays for your physical storefront
  • Receive documentation on your training expertise to maximize your earnings by demonstrating your value
  • Boost your sales with confidence and expertise by learning the ins and outs of the application process and the products you use

Training Details:

  • Extensive discussion about the entire Fireball ceramic coating lineup and why we offer various coatings.
  • Discover the proper preparation process and products used before the Fireball ceramic coating application.
  • Learn environmental awareness and problem-solving techniques.
  • A step-by-step application process to apply Fireball ceramic coatings on paint, trim, and glass surfaces.
  • Discover profit margins and how to use Fireball coatings to increase revenue.


      • You must be a current Fireball Installer
      • Have the necessary equipment for the Virtual Academy(camera with microphone, notepad, and pen, etc.)
      • Complete a short quiz and submit a video of a Fireball ceramic coating application following the Virtual Academy within 30 days
      • Have the necessary equipment for the quiz (Fireball coating of choice, Reborn, proper preparation equipment/tools/products, towels, applicator, infrared paint gauge, humidity/temperature gauge, camera)

Additional Information:

      • You will receive a digital certificate upon completion of the Virtual Academy quiz and video submission.
      • Please be aware that this class is designed for Fireball Certification only. This class is not intended for those looking to become a Master Installer. If you are interested in becoming a Master Installer fill out the proper form.
      • This is valid for 1 attendee. If you would like to bring an additional attendee, additional entries will need to be completed.
      • All sales are final and can not be refunded.

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