About Fireball


We work towards identifying problems installers and consumers face, and then designing and integrating solutions into our products. Stagnation is not an option, at Fireball we push our products to offer new solutions to make your life easier, whether you’re the installer applying the product or the vehicle’s owner.

Fireball is a premium vehicle protection brand. Our flagship products are our ceramic coatings, which create a protective barrier between your vehicle and substances that could harm its look, feel, or function. Fireball has an expansive product lineup, designed with the consumer in mind. Our products cover every aspect of car care and protection, so that there are no gaps in your vehicle’s defenses.

About Fireball Korea

At Fireball‘s proprietary facility in South Korea, we oversee every aspect of our product’s formulation and manufacture. Our unique single-location quality assurance model is overseen personally by our CEO, Founder, and Head Chemist, Jin Hyuk-Jang. Supervision at every step of the manufacturing process by extremely knowledgeable chemical engineers afford us an outstanding level of precision and ecosystem integration, giving our products the levels of quality you just can’t get working with third party manufacturers and formulators.

As a forward-thinking company, Fireball recognizes the importance of developing a sustainable and ethical business model. That’s why Fireball is committed to building our products from organic components. Our sourcing also checks for pollution damage to the materials we use, making sure no environmental hazards transfer to our consumers. We carefully balance PH levels in our non-acidic products to make sure any runoff doesn’t harm the environment where they’re applied.

We only offer our services through installers we have personally vetted and trained. When you bring your vehicle to a Fireball Certified installer, rest assured that their skills and professionalism are backed by Fireball Global, and have been validated by the upper echelon of the ceramic coating installation world.

The Fireball Headquarters and Factories


Fireball’s Founder & CEO Jin-Hyuk Jang is a long time business man who attended university for Chemical Engineering. He started Fireball as a passion project, and it grew wildly from there. Mr. Jang now oversees Fireball’s Manufacturing Facility and Research Lab Campus in Busan, South Korea.

Building up the Fireball Campus into a state-of-the-art business and development hub has been one of Fireball’s main focuses for the last ten years. The campus’s manufacturing facility is built around a core of hand-designed, finely tuned manufacturing machines, customized to our unique processes to produce clean, safe, and strong products. This most recent round of renovations saw our production capacity expand from 80,000 liters per day to 140,000, allowing the Fireball Campus to keep up with global demand even as key markets experience exponential growth.


From Fireball’s humble beginnings we have grown into an internationally recognized, high demand brand, expanding rapidly and putting out best selling product after best selling product. Our secret? Follow the science. Research and experimentation have always been integral to Fireball’s business model. We never settle for the way things have always been done – we build off our past, constantly iterating and innovating on our formulation and production processes. This constant iteration has produced Fireball’s most advanced technologies to date, like Butterfly Graphene, which hardens into a layer of protection stronger than iron, and Dok Do +, which is guaranteed to protect your vehicle for a decade.

The Research and Science behind every coating
We are the ones mixing and packaging every bottle so we know the quality and can fine tune our products.


Unlike many popular brands on the market, Fireball oversees and controls every step of our products manufacture, from resource procurement all the way down to labeling and boxing products. Our on-location manufacturing process lets us ensure the quality in every component of each one of our products. We quality test individual tamper seals and conduct rigorous quality assurance inspections on every step of the manufacturing process.

Be a giant scale master installer that can handle more jobs and install plenty of coatings.
Lots of variety and room for growth our fireball pros cand be anywhere from an at home installer to a business with years of experience.

We understand our decisions impact our partner’s livelihood. Unlike other companies, we take pride in our partnerships. We will have your back if things get tough, and go out of our way to make sure you reach your goals. As a Fireball installer, you’ll never face competition from another certified Fireball vendor.

When you go through our certification process, we give you a specified protected territory. That means you’ll be the singular face of Fireball for your entire community, up to a 50 mile radius (but negotiable based on population density). Our goal is to help you grow your business, provide leads, and not reduce clientele by carefully controlling market saturation.


Fireball has been a global company for over a decade, recently expanding to North America. Breaking into the industry as a new company has been challenging, but now that we’re here we’re here to stay. We have big plans going forward.

Fireball is committed to supporting our partners. Since our founding in 2020, we’ve been gathering a media team, built specifically to create free content and marketing materials for our certified installers. We provide sales tactics, business and marketing training, and technical training at our Training Center, and in various locations around the country. We build relationships with our partners, and provide opportunities for spreading word about their brands to our wider audience. We provide real, one-on-one technical support – no answering bots, no call centers. This kind of detail-oriented, relationship-based business has defined our success in the US so far, and we don’t plan on stopping.

Fireball is a community based company. We focus heavily on positive engagements and interactions, and work towards providing you tangible value. That’s why we cultivate online communities, just for installers and Fireball enthusiasts. Look for @Fireballusa.Official.