Terry Bear Towel


Terry Bear Towel is the last microfiber towel you’ll ever need. This premium towel is soft to the touch, plush and thick. The Terry Bear’s wrap-around edges, seamless design, high-quality build, proven longevity, and overwhelming GSM make it the choice multipurpose towel of detailers everywhere. Use the Terry Bear Towel for general cleaning, polishing, drying, wax removal, window cleaning, and more.


  • Ultra-soft individually-manufactured microfibers.
  • Wrap-around edges help eliminate streaking and residue.
  • 70/30 blend.
  • 800gsm


Fold and flip the jet towel for multiple uses per wash.


Machine washable. Wash with like colors to avoid bleeding or cross contamination. Do not use fabric softener. Do not machine dry.

The Terry Bear Towel is my absolute favorite towel on the market. Nice and plush with a high GSM. It can be used for just about everything, but my favorite is polish removal.

Zach Stansfield

Pairs With

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Bug Cleaner


Carnauba Wax


Black Fox Applicator


Frequently asked questions

Terry bear is a multi-purpose towel.
Yes! The Terry Bear Towel is sturdy and plush. This allows you to agitate soft paint without worrying about scratches.
Due to the nature of absorption, the Terry Bear traps contamination and can remove more polishes and waxes without having to switch towels.

Features & and; Benefits

Effortless Gloss and Protections

Hydrophobics add great protection

Get a great show car look