Black Fox Towel


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The Black Fox Towel is a high quality, high GSM all-purpose towel. With dual-sides specialized for different purposes and surfaces, this towel is exceptionally versatile. The build quality ensures no left-behind threads, along with proven usability and longevity. Use the Black Fox Towel for general cleaning, polishing, drying, wax removal, window cleaning, and more.


  • Ultra-soft individually-manufactured microfibers.
  • Seamless design helps eliminate streaking and residue.
  • 70/30 blend.
  • 400gsm


This ultra-plush towel is comfortable and convenient to use.


Machine washable. Wash with like colors to avoid bleeding or cross contamination. Do not use fabric softener. Do not machine dry.

Solid applicator. Soft enough to be handled but firm enough to keep their shape.

Zach H.

Pairs With

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Frequently asked questions

The Black Fox Towel is intended to be a go-to towel for whatever task is at hand.
Yes the Black Fox Towel is an incredible towel for interiors due to its structure.
No! Unlike cheap, drying towels, the Fireball Black Fox towel was designed to resist substances and chemicals that may result in color-bleeding.

Features & and; Benefits

Effortless Gloss and Protections

Hydrophobics add great protection

Get a great show car look