Pirouette is a spray-on sealant that uses SiO2 particles and polysiloxanes to establish a protective layer. Pirouette finishes with outstanding gloss, color depth, UV resistance, and water repellency. Pirouette can be used as a stand-alone finish, but it also works as a maintenance option for ceramic coatings. Pirouette can be used wet or dry, and is safe on all vehicle exterior surfaces.


  • 3-6 months of protection per application.
  • Enhanced visual appeal, finishes with a smooth, glossy, glass-like texture.
  • Provides hydrophobic properties and anti-graffiti chemical resistance.
  • Higher concentration of SiO2 and polyxenes than competitors.
  • Micro-marring & etching protection.
  • Corrosion & oxidation resistant.


Pirouette is a multi-purpose sealant, and can be used as a drying aid to finish out your car washes.


Paint should be completely clean and free of oil, solvents, or wax before application. In case of improper application, wipe off with Reborn and reapply. Keep out of reach of children.
Shake well before use.
Do not apply in direct sunlight. Apply in good lighting.
Apply a moderate amount of product to an applicator. Alternatively, spray the product directly onto the panel.
Work the sealant into the paint evenly until it appears nearly imperceptible.
Turn the towel over and continue buffing.
Switch to a fresh towel and buff the area once more, removing any excess. Let the surface continue drying for 2 hours, until the sealant has fully cured.

Premium quality product that last longer then most and does a great protective barrier

Roneel N.

Pairs With

Division Spigot 5 Gal


Terry Bear Towel


Division Spigot 1 Gal


Frequently asked questions

Grace creates a more slick surface, while Pirouette is able to hold up against more environmental hazards.
We strongly recommend you clean your vehicle before applying Pirouette. You can technically apply Grace to an unwashed vehicle, but don’t expect the same longevity or performance.
We recommend using a plush towel with a high GSM.

Features & and; Benefits

Effortless Gloss and Protections

Hydrophobics add great protection

Get a great show car look