Tourbillon Wax Booster


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Tourbillon is a paste wax booster that seals the wax of your choice under a layer of fast-setting ceramic compounds, preserving your wax for 3-6 months. Tourbillon No.3 Ceramic booster will also add extended slickness & hydrophobics, and enhance color and gloss. Tourbillon can be hand applied following the next proper wash (Within a 2-week period) after you have applied paste wax.


  • Enhances Gloss, color, and hydrophobic performance
  • Protects & preserves wax far past original lifespan
  • Easy to apply for professionals and enthusiasts
  • Custom si02 blend
  • Provides 3-6 months of protection
  • Apply over any Fireball wax


While any wax will work as a base coat for Tourbillion, Fireball developed Fusion Wax specifically for this purpose.


  1. Shake Tourbillon well before use
  2. Tuck a microfiber suede into the Fireball applicator block slits. Apply a few drops onto the suede applicator.
  3. Set a timer for 3 – 7 minutes. Apply coating in an “X” pattern, overlapping each line by 20%. If your layers are noticeably thin or do not remain visible, carefully add more coating.
  4. After the coating adheres, wipe off the surface with a clean microfiber towel. If the coating doesn’t wipe off easily, make a note to wipe off the excess sooner for your next application.
  5. Replace the applicator sheet every 15 minutes as the suede hardens. Apply a second coat 2 hours after the first, if needed
  6. Keep out of the elements for 48 hours.


Make sure the wax has been set for 2 weeks before application. Make sure the vehicle has been washed & decontaminated. >Keep away from children.

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