Water Spot


Water Spot is a mildly acidic cleaner aimed at safe cleaning and neutralization of mineral build up. In addition to quick acting cleaning, Water Spot leaves invisible, harmless alkaline compounds that help protect against future build up and deposits. Water Spot is safe on paint, ceramic coatings, and PPF.


  • Easy to use.
  • High-quality ingredients.
  • Water based, safe on multiple surfaces.
  • Removes various mineral deposits.
  • Protects against future buildup.
  • Safe on all vehicle paints and PPF.


Only a small amount of Water Spot needs to be used in most scenarios. Increase usage for heavier contamination.


Take safety precautions necessary for working with acidic chemicals, such as gloves and protective eyewear. Keep out of reach of children.
Shake well before use.
Make sure the vehicle is in a cool environment. Do not wash in direct sunlight.
Spray evenly across the surface. Work in small sections.
Let dwell for 30 seconds. Do not let dwell time exceed 30 seconds.
Buff off with a microfiber towel.
Repeat as necessary.

Recently purchased to remove water spots and wiper blade lines from windscreen. When I first used the product I didn't have a great deal of time so didn't have high expectations as I thought it would require a fair bit of effort to get a good result, was I wrong. With very little effort it virtually removed 3 years of water spots and wiper lines in about 10min.

Mark B.

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Frequently asked questions

While a small amount of water spot can be used occasionally on coated vehicles, we recommend avoiding heavy usage of any acidic product on ceramic coatings. Use at your own risk.
Yes! Water Spot Remover can be used for automotive chrome or household appliances. It’s particularly helpful for glass showers and faucets. Remember to use an out-of-sight area as a test spot before heavy usage.
Yes, Water Spot Remover has a pH level of 3, meaning it is mildly acidic.

Features & and; Benefits

Effortless Gloss and Protections

Hydrophobics add great protection

Get a great show car look