Division Spigot 5 Gal


Our premium quick-release pour spout creates a fast and effortless way to fill bottles. This spigot is available in 2 different options, plastic and brass depending on the chemical being transferred. This leak-proof tap fits perfectly into the bottle allowing you to accurately control dilution ratios and reduces the risk of spills.

Features & Benefits:

  • Chemical-resistant O-rings
  • Re-usable spout
  • Leak-proof tap


Tip: Use the Division Spigot 5 Gal (Plastic) for corrosive chemicals such as Wheel ++, Iron Burn, Iron Burn SE, and Water Spot. When connecting to the 5 Gallon be sure the O ring is seated properly and secured.


Do not overtighten to reduce the risk of striping. Keep out of reach of children.

Pairs With

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Bug Cleaner


Tropical Shampoo


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