Wheel & Tire


Wheel & Tire is a thorough and fast-acting cleaner and degreaser. Wheel & Tire’s alkaline formula cuts through grease and all manner of contamination on multiple surfaces. Our dilution charts will help you match the strength of the formula perfectly to the job you need done, and its color changing formula lets you know when you’ve finished the job. Wheel & Tire is safe on rubber, plastics, and vinyl.


  • Easy to use.
  • High-quality ingredients.
  • All purpose cleaner.
  • Removes dirt, tire browning, salt, baked-on brake dust, road grime, & more
  • Ph balanced
  • Safe on all vehicle paints and PPF.


Use Wheel & Tire as a primer before applying tire dressings or sealants.


Take safety precautions necessary for working with airborne chemicals, such as respiratory protection and protective eyewear. Only dilute the same day of use. Do not store diluted. Keep out of reach of children.
Shake well before use.
Make sure the vehicle is in a cool environment. Do not wash in direct sunlight.
Spray evenly across the surface.
Agitate with a detailing brush, wash mitt, or microfiber towel.
Wipe or wash away within 3 minutes of application. Do not let dry.
Repeat as necessary.

11 years of road grim build up. Decided for my first test of Fireball’s Ultimate Iron Burn (extra) this was perfect. So easy to work with, after a light rub with hard brush, waterblast away the years!!!! Highly recommended for those who want to keep there alloys in tip top condition.

Mark K.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, Wheel and Tire is an alkaline formula for use on your most challenging jobs.
Yes, Wheel and Tire is a multi-purpose cleaner and can be useful in various scenarios. Please dilute following our dilution charts.
Wheel and Tire should not damage your wheel’s finish. Remember to use an out-of-sight area as a test spot before heavy usage.

Features & and; Benefits

Effortless Gloss and Protections

Hydrophobics add great protection

Get a great show car look