Snow Foam


Snow Foam is a fast- acting, pH-neutral, foaming automotive shampoo focused around complete coverage automotive washing. Snow Foam is a powerful but gentle cleaner, which lifts dirt and debris away from your paint without abrasion or accidental marring. Snow Foam is formulated to be used in a foam cannon that generates a thick foam, spreading into tight, form-fitting spaces. Snow Foam can be used as stand-alone or a preliminary decontaminant.


  • Highly concentrated solution.
  • Stand-alone or preliminary wash with a thick base for easy hand-washing foam.
  • Rich foam enables contact-free, damage-free washing.
  • Designed to work with sealants like Pirouette, Hydro Foam, and Nano Coat.
  • Completely pH neutral and safe on all vehicle paints, PPF, and ceramic coatings.
  • Fresh, natural cherry scent from ethically-sourced linalool.


Although you can use Snow Foam in any foam cannon, Fireball’s recommendation is to use our Blizzard Foam Cannon


Follow the dilution rate to avoid staining and other unwanted effects. Keep out of reach of children.
Make sure the vehicle is pre-washed and in a cool environment. Do not wash in direct sunlight.
Dilute 1:20 ~ 1:30.
Using a foam cannon, spray Snow Foam over the entire vehicle ensuring complete coverage.
Wash the vehicle completely, using a wash mitt or pad. Begin with the top of the vehicle and work downwards.
Let dwell for 60-90 seconds.
Rinse off with water. Do not let Snow Foam dry on the vehicle.

I’m always nervous about trying new brands but I’m pleased to say that there is no reason to be nervous using fireball products First time using a Fireball snow foam and would highly recommend this over putting normal shampoo in a foam cannon and this beats any other snow foam I have tried.

Andrew H.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, but Snow Foam is developed to be used with pressure and may not perform as expected.
Snow Foam acts as a non-contact solution that lifts dirt and debris from the surface without having to scrub and risk scratching or marring the surface.
Yes, Snow Foam is a pH- neutral formula and can be used on coated and non-coated vehicles.

Features & and; Benefits

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