Blizzard Snow Foam Cannon


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Blizzard Snow Foam Cannon is a compact, high-volume foam sprayer designed for detailers. The brass metalwork resists oxidation even under heavy use, and the heavy-duty filter keeps your foam completely uncontaminated. The translucent canister makes it easy to assess how much product you have left to work with, the high-quality canister is structured to stand up on it’s own, even when empty and the plastics are guaranteed to resist break-down. For thick, evenly spread foam, look no further.


  • High-quality materials.
  • Metallic gauze filtration and aeration system.
  • Control-oriented high-accuracy nozzle.
  • Quick-release valve.
  • Clear canister for dilution and monitoring.


Clean the Foam Cannon between washes to prevent internal product build-up.


Stand 2 to 5 feet from the object you are cleaning. Do not spray at people. Keep away from children.
Add a foaming product into the reservoir and dilute to proper concentration.
Attach to the power washer trigger
Spray a layer on to the surface and let stay
Rinse off

Great foam cannons! Large top makes it easy to fill and clearly marked bottles from 100 to 1000ML. Stand up on there own without falling over. Excellent foam. I use one for 2PH foam then 1 for 12PH foam for a touch free wash.

Russel Stender

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