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Tire Booster is a mix-in solution to extend the lifespan and functionality of Fireball Tire Dressings. Tire Booster enhances Tire Dressing’s protective elements, strengthening the dressing against weather, sustained high-speed driving, road tar, and flying debris. Tire Booster is a supplemental enhancement for the Fireball Tire Dressings, including Tire Janus, Tire Gloss, Tire Satin, and Show Car Tire.


  • High-quality ingredients.
  • Repels water and dirt.
  • Enhanced visual appeal.
  • Provides 2-4 months of protection.
  • Safe on all wheels.


Pick up a few Fireball Division Bottles to make your mixing process more efficient and aesthetic.


Only mix dressings and Tire Booster the same day of use. Follow the mixing ratio to avoid staining and other hazards. Keep out of reach of children.
Shake individual bottles well.
Fill an empty Fireball Division Bottle with 25% Tire Booster with 75% Fireball Tire Dressing.
Shake combined solution well to mix. Apply a small amount of product to an applicator.
Apply the mixture evenly around the tire.
In case of overapplication, wipe excess away.
Let the tire dressing dry completely before driving.

Pairs With

Wheel & Tire


Tire (Satin)


Tire (Janus)


Tire (Gloss)


Frequently asked questions

No. Tire Booster is an additive for Fireball Tire dressings like Tire Janus, Satin, and Gloss.
No. Tire SiO2 is solvent based and can only be used with other solvent-based solutions.
Tire booster is a universal product for all 3 of our tire coatings and can be used for each. Only one bottle is needed as you only use a small amount for each mixture. Please follow instructions when mixing.

Features & and; Benefits

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