Carfax Integration

By Kael Knight

June 14, 2023

Exciting News – Fireball is partnering with Carfax to offer our installers Carfax integration with coating reporting and warranty check! 

This means anytime a vehicle is coated in a Fireball product, the installer can log the coating on Carfax, instantly increasing the vehicle’s market value. Because Carfax keeps track of the vehicle’s coating value, consumers can rest assured that their investment in Fireball is worth it, even if they don’t keep the car for the full extent of the protection window. This is a huge selling point that detailers and installers can use to steer customers towards the course of action that will most benefit them in the long run. 

This is one of the most requested features we hear about at Fireball USA. The integration will undoubtedly help our installers streamline their process and advance their business’s efficiency. Carfax integration will be rolling out to the USA in the coming months. In the meantime, Fireball will continue to look for ways we can help our installers and their customers.