Fireball Ignite: By Installers, For Installers

By Kael Knight

2022 was an amazing year at Fireball. In early 2023, when the founder of Fireball told us he was coming to visit the USA, we knew we had to do something special. That’s how Fireball Ignite got its start.

We built Ignite from the ground up to be an event celebrating our most skilled, hardest working installers. Our Installers are a huge part of our success as a company. Let’s take a look back at all the things our installers have enabled this company to do over the past year.

Street Car Takeover

Fireball’s first major event of the year was our booth at Kansas City Streetcar Takeover! We offered our products to a crowded retail market for the first time, and generated a ton of excitement about Fireball in the local KC area!

A Year of Fireball Academy

It’s always an honor to work alongside such dedicated and passionate people. We’re so happy to welcome all our new installers to the Fireball Network. Welcome to the Family!

Fireball Academy Maryland

Our training offered the same guided hands-on experiences as always. We covered the application of a ceramic coating to exterior paint, glass, wheels, trim, and leather. In addition to touching on every single coating in the Fireball lineup, the training also covered business skills and best practices. A huge thank you to Reflected Image for hosting us, and to all the installers who came out to Forest Hill to work with us.

Next, Fireball took training on the road with our on-location Maryland training! Our close partners at Reflected Images were kind enough to host our training.

Fireball Academy Texas

For the second stop on our summer training tour, Fireball went to Texas! Our business partners at Wide Open Throttle Auto Spa hosted us and a team of trainees.

On this stop, in addition to our usual coating training, we added a marketing and web design seminar. We went over tips for selling and communicating with clients, as well as a variety of business tools installers can use to expand their reach. A huge thank you to WOT for hosting us, and to all the installers who came out to work with us.

Fireball Academy Florida

Our last training of the season just wrapped up. Our Team here at Fireball USA has had a great time traveling, meeting fellow installers, and talking all about the uses and benefits of Fireball.

We had the pleasure of bringing the Fireball training experience to Naples, Florida for the first time, hosted by our close partners So Fresh So Clean Detailers. Fireball Professionals and Experts from around the United States joined in for an unforgettable end to the season. A huge thank you to So Fresh So Clean Detailers for hosting us, and to all the installers who came out to work with us. 


2022 was Fireball USA’s first year exhibiting our products at SEMA, one of the largest and most influential automotive trade shows in the US.

SEMA is the place to be for anything automotive, which is why Fireball is so honored to be a part of the 2022 exhibition! We displayed our most advanced ceramic-graphene coatings alongside all the biggest names in every aspect of automotive care. It’s a very exciting opportunity for us as a company to share our passion and dedication to our product with all the detailers and future fireball installers who will be attending.

2022 has been a huge year for Fireball. To go from nothing to exhibiting in a show like SEMA in two years is astounding, and it wouldn’t have been possible without all our faithful Installers and their loyal customers. Thank You!

Fireball Ignite

Ignite itself was quite the event, featuring new product announcements and live demonstrations from our Founder and Head Chemist, Jin Hyuk Jang!

Ignite 2023 was the first-ever public preview of our new Fireball Shield coating line: Glass Shield, Leather Shield, and Fabric Shield! Ignite also saw the much-requested roll-out of Nano Coat Version 2!

In addition to this, Mr. Jin mixed a new batch of experimental marine coating which is due to hit the US market in the next coming months, and even a few coatings in early development that we can’t discuss quite yet.

Looking Ahead

Ignite will return in 2024. Until then, make sure to follow the Fireball blog and our social media sites to stay up on all of our new announcements.