Fireball Installer Handbook


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Bring a little bit of Fireball headquarters home to your shop with the Fireball Installer Handbook. Fireball’s Certified Installer Blueprint is a clear, illustrative guidebook on all things ceramic coating, making it an essential tool to have on hand. Learn every detail about all your favorite coatings in this comprehensive handbook, printed with laser-guided precision on archival card stock. Pick up a Fireball Installer Handbook today and up your detailing game.

Features & Benefits:

  • Clear instructions, directions, and descriptions, designed to help your process
  • Formatted to be easily understood and emphasize important information
  • Printed on high-quality matte paper

Directions for Use:

  • Carefully read the handbook in full
  • Mark pages of interest to easily find
  • Share with others at your shop to streamline and formalize coating applications

Tips & Tricks:

Have the other Installers in your academy course sign your handbook, high-school yearbook style.

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