Ceramic Coatings Guide


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Fireball’s Ceramic Coatings Guide is the best way to show your customers the differences between the vast array of coating options your shop offers. These sturdy, tri-fold pamphlets are designed to illustrate the strengths different coatings display in different situations. With detailed information available in easy-to-digest formats, your customers can clearly see the benefits of all your most expensive services. Pick up these illustrative guides now to help your shop sell customers the package that’s right for them. (Pack of 10)

Features & Benefits:

  • Intuitive, engaging design
  • Premium quality, clearly communicated information.
  • Illustrates the benefits of expensive products
  • Laser-precision printing on premium heavy-stock paper
  • (Pack of 10)

Directions for Use:

  • Display in your storefront, for curious consumers
  • Walk through the information with ceramic coating customers to close sales
  • Highlight the lifespans of each product before the customer makes their choice

Tips & Tricks:

Let customers take the booklet home if they need time to think about their decision.

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