Coatings Maintenance Guide


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Fireball’s Maintenance Guide will help make your sale, and help your customer know when it’s time to come back for cleanings. These glossy, premium booklets are designed to illustrate your services with dazzling professional photography. With detailed, expert-level maintenance instructions at their disposal, your customers will stay as satisfied as the day they walked out of your shop years into their service timeline. Our maintenance guide also drives work back through your door, recommending customers return to your business for regular service and cleanings. Pick up these illustrative guides now for that extra touch of hassle-free customer service your shop has been looking for.

Features & Benefits:

  • Intuitive, engaging design
  • Premium quality clearly communicated customer service
  • Increases customer satisfaction over coating lifespan
  • Laser-precision printing on premium luster photo paper

Directions for Use:

  • Display in your storefront, for curious consumers
  • Hand out to ceramic coating customers to keep them coming back
  • Include in maintenance packages, aftercare bags, etc

Tips & Tricks:

Use the blank space in the first few pages of the guide to write down a personalized message or your shop’s contact info.

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