Easy Coat


Easy Coat is an effortless solution for surface protection. This concentrated gel-like product transforms into a spray-on, rinse-off ceramic-based coating once diluted. Easy Coat bonds to your surface quickly, ensuring a durable and long-lasting finish. Affordable and efficient, Easy Coat is the ideal choice for those on a budget or frequent travelers who want hassle-free protection without long-term commitment. Use Easy Coat on any vehicle paint, trim, plastic, and glass.


  • Modified polysiloxanes produce quick, tight bonds.
  • Repels water and dirt.
  • Enhanced visual appeal.
  • Provides 4-8 weeks of protection.
  • Safe on all vehicle paints and PPF.


Easy Coat’s hassle free application makes it a great choice for non-traditional vehicles with hard-to-reach surfaces in need of coating. This same feature also makes it a great choice for clients in a rush. Easy Coat works on a variety of surfaces including solar panels, vinyl siding, and much more.


Only dilute coating the same day of use. Do not store diluted coating. Follow the dilution rate to avoid staining and other unwanted effects. Take safety precautions necessary for working with airborne chemicals, such as respiratory protection and protective eyewear. Keep out of reach of children.
Dilute 1:30 – 1:50. Shake thoroughly.
Wash the car in a shaded area. Do not dry.
Do not apply in direct sunlight.
Spray a moderate amount of Ultimate Easy Coat onto the surface.
Do not allow the coating to dry on the surface. Immediately rinse off with high-pressure water.
Once finished, rinse the trigger to prevent contamination. Do not drive the vehicle for 10 – 15 minutes after application.

Excellent product when diluted properly. Leaves paint crazy smooth and hydrophobic. Extremely concentrated so lasts a while.

Dustin M.

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Frequently asked questions

We estimate 4 full-vehicle applications per ounce when diluted. This means one full bottle will cover roughly 64 vehicles.
No, it is important to dilute Easy Coat as directed to ensure proper application. Improper dilution may cause spotting or stains on the surface.
Easy Coat works on almost all exterior surfaces. It should not be used as an interior coating.

Features & and; Benefits

Effortless Gloss and Protections

Hydrophobics add great protection

Get a great show car look