Essential Interior Detailing Kit


Upgrade your car’s interior with the all-important Fireball Essential Interior Detailing Kit. This carefully curated package includes 7 premium Fireball products to clean, shine, and protect every surface inside your vehicle. Say goodbye to dirt, grime, and wear and tear as you elevate your car’s cleanliness and sophistication. With the essential Interior Kit, maintaining a pristine interior has never been easier. Whether it’s your dashboard, seats, or floor mats, this kit covers everything, ensuring every corner looks brand new. Developed by experts in car detailing, this kit is a must-have for anyone who values a top-notch interior environment in their vehicle. Transform your driving experience with the  Fireball Essential Interior Detailing Kit.

Revitalize your interior –

Get the pristine, brand-new look you want. Regain that freshly detailed shine with our powerful selection of Fireball products, specially chosen to clean, protect, and revive any interior surface.

Maintain your vehicle’s surfaces –

Keep your dashboard, seats, and floor mats looking their best with our Essential Interior Kit.

No more guessing –

No more trial & error when it comes to car detailing. Our expertly curated kit takes the guesswork out of cleaning your vehicle’s interior – just follow the provided instructions for a showroom ready finish.

Powerful selection –

Our Essential Interior Detailing Kit includes an array of powerful products: Nappa Cleaner– a pH-balanced All-Purpose cleaner & protectant for fabric/carpet/vinyl surfaces, Nappa Coat– leather, vinyl, and dashboard protectant for a streak-free matte finish, interior and exterior Glass Cleaner for crystal clear glass, and 2 Black Fox Towels– high-quality Korean microfiber towels to get the job done right.

Elevate your car’s cleanliness and elegance –

Turn heads with a perfectly kept car interior. With the Essential Interior Kit, you’ll effortlessly keep your car looking like the day you bought it.


  • The Essential Interior Kit includes Fireball favorites to give you the solution for maintaining a flawless car interior.
  • It’s a professional-grade essential car interior cleaning kit. These powerful products clean, protect, and revitalize every inch of your vehicle.
  • No more struggling with dirty dashboards, stained seats, or grimy floor mats.
  • This kit is a game-changer for those who prioritize a pristine interior environment.
  • Elevate your car’s cleanliness and elegance with the essential Interior Kit.

Essential Interior Detailing Kit Includes :

1-Glass Cleaner Retail Price $13.99
2-Nappa Cleaner Retail Price $39.98
2-Nappa Coat Retail Price $43.98
2-Black Fox Towels Retail Price $27.98
Bundle Total =   $125.93

Pairs With

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