Essential Full Detailing Kit


Introducing the ultimate Fireball Experience kit, designed to make your vehicle maintenance a breeze. Packed with our favorite products and expert recommendations, this kit ensures you have everything you need to clean and protect your ride. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, our Interior and Exterior Essentials Detailing Kit has got you covered. Say goodbye to tedious trips to the store and welcome this all-in-one detailing kit into your life. It includes everything from interior cleaning to exterior protection, all at an affordable price. No need to waste time searching for individual products – we’ve got you covered. Indulge in a complete detailing experience with our carefully selected favorites. From our gentle yet powerful Wheel & Tire Cleaner to our ph neutral Tropical Shampoo, every product ensures a safe and effective cleaning process. Once your ride is spotless, our Carnauba Wax adds protection and a glossy finish to your paint, glass, trim, and wheels. Drying becomes a breeze with our hyper-absorbent pin twist drying towel, leaving your vehicle streak-free and ready for the next step. Revitalize your interior with our Nappa Cleaner Interior Detailer and Nappa Coat, giving it a fresh and luxurious feel. And of course, our Glass Cleaner provides crystal clear transparency both inside and out. Don’t forget about those exterior plastics and trim, including your tires. Our Trim & Tire product adds a quick gloss and protection to keep them looking their best. Upgrade your detailing game with the Fireball Interior and Exterior Essentials Detailing Kit. It’s a must-have for weekend warriors and enthusiasts alike. Grab yours today and experience the difference firsthand.

Essential Full Detailing Kit Includes :

1-Glass Cleaner Retail Price $13.99
1-Wheel & Tire Retail Price $21.99
1-Bug Cleaner Retail Price $19.99
1-Trim & Tire Retail Price $25.99
1-Carnauba Wax Retail Price $24.99
1-Nappa Cleaner Retail Price $19.99
1-Nappa Coat Retail Price $21.99
1-Tropical Shampoo Retail Price $19.99
1-Branded Wash Bucket Retail Price $12.99
1-Grit Guard Retail Price $12.99
1-Wash Mitt Retail Price $18.99
1-Pin Twist Drying Towel Retail Price $24.99
8-Eclipse Towels Retail Price $47.92
Bundle Total =  $286.80

Pairs With

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Water Spot


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