Best Seller Detailing Kit


Introducing the Fireball Best Seller Detailing Kit – a great solution for all your car care needs! This Best seller Detailing Kit is a crowd favorite, and for good reason. It tackles a multitude of detailing tasks, from cleaning and washing to restoring and protecting. Say goodbye to the common problems caused by everyday wear and tear – this kit effortlessly tackles road grime, debris, bugs, iron build-up, and contaminants. And that’s not all! It also leaves your glass streak-free and provides a protective finish on multiple surfaces, including glass, paint, wheels, and even tires. With 5 of our best-selling products included, this kit offers unbeatable value. Get your hands on the Fireball Best Seller Detailing Kit now and give your vehicle the love and care it deserves! Pirouette is a spray-on sealant that uses SiO2 particles and polysiloxanes to establish a protective layer. Pirouette finishes with outstanding gloss, color depth, UV resistance, and water repellency. Pirouette can be used as a stand-alone finish, but it also works as a maintenance option for ceramic coatings. Pirouette can be used wet or dry, and is safe on all vehicle exterior surfaces. Glass Cleaner is an effortless, streak-free glass cleaner specialized for automotive glass. Glass Cleaner is also a powerful multi-purpose cleaner that leaves behind an anti-static finish without changing the original look or feel of a surface. Glass Cleaner is safe on all glass, paint, ceramic coating, PPF, plastics, leather, vinyl, and electronics. Snow Foam is a fast-acting, pH-neutral, foaming automotive shampoo focused on complete coverage automotive washing. Snow Foam is a powerful but gentle cleaner, which lifts dirt and debris away from your paint without abrasion or accidental marring. Snow Foam is formulated to be used in a foam cannon that generates a thick foam, spreading into tight, form-fitting spaces. Snow Foam can be used as a stand-alone or a preliminary decontaminant. Trim & Tire is a water based, SiO2 enhanced tire dressing designed to restore and protect rubber and plastic surfaces. Trim & Tire uses its proprietary formula to protect against contamination, focusing on color restoration and fading prevention. Trim & Tire can be used as a stand-alone finish for all plastics, trim, tires, cowl, moldings, and more. Iron Burn is a powerful iron-extracting and neutralizing exfoliant. Iron Burn is specifically designed to draw out iron contamination embedded deep into the pores of paintwork and rubber surfaces. Iron Burn changes color as it works, providing clear cleaning indications to users. Iron Burn is safe on paint, rubber, wheels, rims, vinyl, and plastics.  

Best Seller Detailing Kit Includes :

Pirouette Retail Price $34.99
Glass Cleaner Retail Price $13.99
Snow Foam Retail Price $19.99
Trim & Tire Retail Price $25.99
Iron Burn Retail Price $21.99
Bundle Total = $116.95

Pairs With

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