Deluxe Show Car Detailing Kit


Introducing the Fireball Show Car Detailing Kits – these kits are specifically curated for those overwhelmed by the myriad options in the market. At Fireball, we understand the struggle of making a decisive decision, and that’s why we’ve made it easier than ever. With three different options to choose from, you can now confidently turn heads wherever you go with our Show Car Detailing Kit. Rest assured, you’ll get the exact kit you desire. We’ve grouped this kit by handpicking our favorite items, ensuring incredible results on any surface. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to perfection with our Show Car Detailing Kits. Treat your car like royalty with our top-of-the-line Deluxe Show Car Detailing Kit. This kit isn’t meant for the average car owner, but for those who expect nothing but the best. Give your vehicle the love, protection, and care it deserves. Experience the way detailing should be by transforming your vehicle with our all-in-one Show Car Deluxe Detailing Kit. We’ve meticulously curated the perfect combination of our Essential Detailing Kit, Wheel Wax Kit, and Interior Detailing Kit to provide you with unmatched protection and maintenance. This powerhouse package takes car care to a whole new level, giving your vehicle a flawless finish and long-lasting shield. Say goodbye to ordinary detailing and elevate your car’s look with our fine-tuned process of perfection. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to turn heads. Order your Fireball Deluxe Show Car Detailing Kit today and get ready to wow everyone.

Deluxe Show Car Detailing Kit Includes :

1-Carnauba Wax Retail Price $24.99
1-150ml Wax of choice Retail Price $89.99
2-Wax Applicator Retail Price $8.98
2-S Teddy Bear Towel Retail Price $59.98
1-Glass Cleaner Retail Price $13.99
2-Jet Towels Retail Price $17.98
1-Tire Gloss Retail Price $24.99
1-Black Fox Applicator Retail Price $8.99
1-Black Fox Towel Retail Price $13.99
1-Wheel Wax 150ml Retail Price $89.99
1-Nappa Coat Retail Price $21.99
1-Nappa Cleaner Retail Price $19.99
Bundle Total = $394.85

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