Wash Bucket Kit


Get your vehicle looking fresh and shiny with the Wash Bucket Kit Combo. This combo comes with all the essential accessories you need to give your car a thorough wash. We’ve got you covered with a crack-resistant 3.5-gallon wash bucket, a uniquely designed Grit Guard, our super-concentrated Tropical Shampoo, and the plush Korean Microfiber Washing Mitt. Just mix in the shampoo and you’re ready to make your car sparkle! Say goodbye to worries and hello to a spotless ride with the Wash Bucket Kit. This incredible combo features a bucket equipped with a Grit Guard insert to ensure a safe wash, along with the unbeatable lubrication of our Tropical ShampooFormula. With only 0.5 oz of product needed per bucket, you’ll get over 32 washes out of a 500ml bottle thanks to its ultra-concentrated 1:1000 dilution. After removing dirt and grime from your vehicle, the Wash Bucket Kit helps you maintain a clean finish, all while avoiding those pesky swirls caused by washing.  

Wash Bucket Kit Includes :

1-Tropical Shampoo Retail Price $19.99
1-Branded Bucket Retail Price $12.99
1-Grit Guard Retail Price $12.99
1-Wash Mitt Retail Price $18.99
Bundle Total = $64.96

Pairs With

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