Engine Detailing Kit


Revamp your car’s engine bay with our Engine Detailing Kit – perfect for car care enthusiasts of all skill levels. In just 10 minutes or less, you can make your engine bay look better than new. This money-saving kit includes our multi-surface-safe engine degreaser, a powerful universal all-purpose cleaner for wheels and tires. Plus, our highly effective Snow Foam shampoo gives your engine bay or exterior surfaces a flawless finish. To top it off, our versatile interior/exterior protectant Nappa Coat, paired with our premium Black Fox Towel, provides the perfect finishing touch. Experience the complete engine bay transformation with our easy-to-use, all-in-one process. Wheel & Tire is a thorough and fast-acting cleaner and degreaser. Wheel & Tire’s alkaline formula cuts through grease and all manner of contamination on multiple surfaces. Our dilution charts will help you match the strength of the formula perfectly to the job you need to do, and its color-changing formula lets you know when you’ve finished the job. Wheel & Tire is safe on rubber, plastics, and vinyl. Snow Foam is a fast-acting, pH-neutral, foaming automotive shampoo focused on complete coverage automotive washing. Snow Foam is a powerful but gentle cleaner, which lifts dirt and debris away from your paint without abrasion or accidental marring. Snow Foam is formulated to be used in a foam cannon that generates a thick foam, spreading into tight, form-fitting spaces. Snow Foam can be used as stand-alone or a preliminary decontaminant. Nappa Coat is a spray-on interior and exterior ceramic dressing and conditioner, that finishes with a gentle satin sheen. Nappa Coat lays down a thin, invisible layer of SiO2 enhanced protective polymers. It Applies easily and finishes out in a non-greasy, residue-free texture with a pleasing matte finish. Nappa Coat is specialized for use on leather, vinyl, and interior and exterior plastics including engine bay covers and trim. The Black Fox Towel is a high-quality, high GSM all-purpose towel. With dual sides specialized for different purposes and surfaces, this towel is exceptionally versatile. The build quality ensures no left-behind threads, along with proven usability and longevity. Use the Black Fox Towel for general cleaning, polishing, drying, wax removal, window cleaning, and more.  

Engine Detailing Kit Includes :

1-Wheel & Tire Retail Price $21.99
1-Snow Faom Retail Price $21.999
1-Nappa Coat Retail Price $21.99
1-Black Fox All Towel Retail Price $13.99
Bundle Total = $79.96

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