Wash & Rinse Bucket Kit


Experience washing the way it should be with our Wash and Rinse Bucket Kit. Say goodbye to subpar results and hello to a spotless, showroom-worthy ride. We know that not all wash buckets are created equal, which is why we’ve curated the perfect combo of top-notch products to give your car the thorough wash it deserves. Our kit includes two crack-resistant 3.5-gallon wash buckets, each equipped with a specially designed Grit Guard insert. This innovative feature helps eliminate debris and contaminants from your washing mitt, ensuring a clean application of soap on every panel. No more risking scratches or swirls caused by dirty or contaminated wash mitts. But that’s not all. We’ve also included our super-concentrated Tropical Shampoo, which provides unbeatable lubrication and sudsing power. With just 0.5 oz needed per bucket, a 16oz bottle will give you over 32 washes, thanks to its ultra-concentrated 1:1000 dilution. Talk about a great value! And let’s not forget about the accessories. Our kit comes complete with plush Korean Microfiber Washing Mitt and our popular Pin Twist lightweight drying towels. These high-quality tools are designed to apply absorb and remove excessive water from your car’s exterior surface without causing any damage or swirl marks. So go ahead, mix in the shampoo, grab a mitt, and get ready to make your car sparkle like never before. With our Wash and Rinse Bucket Kit, you’ll achieve professional-level results in the comfort of your own driveway. Get your kit today and experience the difference for yourself.  

Wash& Rinse Bucket Kit Includes :

1-Tropical Shampoo Retail Price $19.99
2-Branded Buckets Retail Price $25.98
2-Grit Guards Retail Price $25.98
2-Wash Mitts Retail Price $37.98
2-Pin Twist Towels Retail Price $49.98
Bundle Total = $159.91

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