Starter Wheel & Tire Detailing Kit


Introducing the Fireball Starter Wheel & Tire Detailing Kit – your ultimate solution for pristine wheels and tires every day. This all-inclusive kit includes everything you need for a seamless and enjoyable cleaning experience. With the powerful combination of Iron Burn and  Wheel & Tire cleaner, no amount of dirt or grime stands a chance. Iron Burn is specially designed to eliminate even the toughest iron contamination, making stubborn deposits and filaments a thing of the past. And our versatile Alkaline-based Wheel & Tire cleaner ensures a deep and thorough clean before the final wash. But we don’t stop there. After the wash, our Carnauba Wax provides a long-lasting layer of protection for your wheels, and the Trim and Tire will give the tires the preservation and sheen desired, keeping them pristine for months to come, no matter the driving conditions. Not only does this kit offer exceptional value, it’s also the perfect gift for any car enthusiast. Don’t settle for anything less than perfection – get the Fireball Starter Wheel & Tire Detailing Kit today. Iron Burn is a powerful iron-extracting and neutralizing exfoliant. Iron Burn is specifically designed to draw out iron contamination embedded deep into the pores of paintwork and rubber surfaces. Iron Burn changes color as it works, providing clear cleaning indications to users. Iron Burn is safe on paint, rubber, wheels, rims, vinyl, and plastics. Wheel & Tire is a thorough and fast-acting cleaner and degreaser. Wheel & Tire’s alkaline formula cuts through grease and all manner of contamination on multiple surfaces. Our dilution charts will help you match the strength of the formula perfectly to the job you need done, and its color changing formula lets you know when you’ve finished the job. Wheel & Tire is safe on rubber, plastics, and vinyl. Carnauba Wax is a quick detailing spray that innovates on traditional waxes with its quick application and ceramic-backed protective properties. Our formula combines the power of siloxanes and silicones with a high concentration of carnauba to enhance durability and longevity. Infused with an organic blend of Brazilian carnauba, this all-season carnauba spray wax is easier and more protective than ever. Carnauba Wax can be used as a stand-alone finish or as a maintenance for ceramic coatings. Trim and Tire is a water based, SiO2 enhanced tire dressing designed to restore and protect rubber and plastic surfaces. Trim & Tire uses its proprietary formula to protect against contamination, focusing on color restoration and fading prevention. Trim & Tire can be used as a stand-alone finish for all plastics trim, tires, cowl, moldings, and more.

Starter Wheel & Tire Detailing Kit Includes :

Iron Burn Retail Price $21.99
Wheel & Tire Retail Price $21.99
Carnauba Wax Retail Price $24.99
Trim & Tire Price $25.99
Bundle Total = $94.96

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