Fireball Branded Disposable Gloves

Fireball brings the same level of quality assurance and attention to detail to everything we do, which is what makes our custom Synthetic Blended Copolymer Detailing Gloves stand out from the crowd. These detailing gloves offer protection without compromise: strong enough to resist most abrasive chemicals, yet comfortable enough to wear all day, resilient enough to reuse, yet inexpensive enough to discard when you need to. Ready to outfit your shop with a custom touch of Fireball? Choose Fireball Copolymer Detailing Gloves.  (50pairs/box) Features & Benefits:
  • Nylon-free, latex-free material
  • Easy on flexibility
  • Serious protection against hazardous chemicals
  • High puncture resistance
Directions for Use:
  • Open up the glove box’s wells
  • Grab a glove from each side of the box, ensuring you have a right hand and a left hand
  • Admire the sleek black material
  • Put the gloves to the test with your harshest detailing chemicals
Tips & Tricks: To remove gloves soaked in chemicals without getting hazardous material on your skin, turn the gloves inside-out as you remove them, much like medical professionals do.

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