Fireball Storefront Display


Fireball is bringing the retail storefront to you. Now your customers can benefit from using the same amazing products you use and recommend right from your shop. We have specifically designed this display to work side by side with our installers to be able to supply the most commonly demanded products. The display comes fully stocked with backstock for you and your customers. All items within the display unit are sold to the installer at an increased discount, allowing you to be more profitable in multiple ways. *A minimum of $1500.00 must be purchased yearly to keep the 20% discounted rate The minimum order quantity must be purchased when restocking. For Example: The display holds 6 Buckets so 6 must be purchased when restocking. *Display comes in two different color choices for the side graphics. (White and black) *


  • 12 Twist Drying Towels
  • 18 Wash Pads
  • 12 Jet Towels
  • 6 Grit Guards
  • 6 Buckets
  • 3 Foam Cannons
  • 6- 500ml Bug Cleaners
  • 6- 500ml Snow Foams
  • 6- 500ml Shampoo Tropicals
  • 6 -500ml Iron Burns
  • 12- 500ml Pirouettes
  • 6- 500ml Glass Cleaners
  • 6- 500ml Water Spots
  • 6-500ml Hydro Shampoos
  • 6-500ml Wheel and Tires
*Additional shipping calculations will be sent through an invoice once all items are fully prepared.

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