Precision Finger Applicator


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The Precision Finger Applicator (3 Pack) is your ultimate tool for conquering those elusive nooks and crannies, such as front grills, trim, and wheels, giving you the “Pro’s Touch”. Crafted with a unique finger pouch design that creates an easy-to-maneuver application but offers a plastic barrier to ensure you are not wasting and keeping the product where it counts. This precise applicator enables you to access intricate spaces that defy conventional applicators comfortably. Pair with your favorite dressing, sealant, coating, and more to achieve flawless application with ease. Great to use on interior and exterior surfaces. The Precision Finger Applicator was developed as a disposable design to not only simplify cleanup but also save time and effort after each use, allowing you to focus on your projects without interruption.


  • Unique finger pouch design for precision application.
  • Inner plastic barrier technology to eliminate product waste.
  • Versatile usage and compatibility with various products.
  • Disposable suede design.
  • 2×2 circular shape and size.
  • 3 pack.


Use when applying a ceramic coating on wheels to ensure an even application on even the most hard-to-reach areas.

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