Alien Blood


Alien Blood is the otherworldly finish your car has been looking for. Its finish deepens your paint, projecting a color-enhanced, rainstorm-wet look and a soft-touch silk-like exterior finish. Alien’s Blood is crafted from high-quality, organic Carnauba Wax and our custom blend of protective interlocking SiO2 particles, providing a layer of resilient hydrophobic protection.


  • Deep, clean, wet look and soft, silky touch when finished.
  • Incredible slickness and gloss.
  • Easy to apply for professionals and enthusiasts.
  • 32% Pure Brazilian T1 Carnauba Wax.
  • Provides 6-8 weeks of protection.
  • Safe on all vehicle paints, PPF, and ceramic coatings.


All Fireball waxes can be applied by hand or through wax applicators, depending on personal preference.


Make sure the vehicle has been washed & decontaminated. For best results, wait 24 hours in between layers. Waxes are safe for skin contact, and can be applied by bare hand. Keep away from children.

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