Iron Burn SE


Iron Burn SE is a powerful iron-extracting and neutralizing exfoliant. Iron Burn SE differentiates itself by its extreme concentration, allowing you to use the product for much longer than ordinary. Iron Burn SE is specifically designed to draw out iron contamination embedded deep into the pores of paintwork and rubber surfaces. Iron Burn SE is safe on paint, rubber, wheels, rims, vinyl, and plastics.


  • Extreme concentration.
  • High-quality ingredients.
  • Helps stop or prevent oxidation and corrosion.
  • Fast-acting and efficient.
  • Aids topper, dressing, and coating adhesion.
  • Safe on all vehicle paints and PPF.


Use Iron Burn SE before priming a surface for the coating to ensure a tight, unbroken bond.


Do not use undiluted. Check the humidity and the temperature of both the surface & surrounding area. Do not apply in direct sunlight, on a hot surface, or under a heat lamp. Keep out of reach of children.
Dilute 1:1~2:1 for panel prep and 3:1~4:1 for general maintenance. Shake thoroughly.
Make sure the vehicle is in a cool environment. Do not wash in direct sunlight.
Spray evenly across the surface.
Let dwell for 30 – 120 seconds. Do not let dwell time exceed 120 seconds or dry on surface.
Rinse off with pressurized water.
Repeat as necessary.

Outstanding result eats that annoying stubborn ageing buildup.

Chris T.

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Frequently asked questions

No, Iron Burn SE is heavily concentrated and must be diluted before use.
Normally half a diluted 16oz bottle of the 10:1 ratio will do the job.
Yes, Iron Burn SE is much more affordable, if you are working with the product consistently.

Features & and; Benefits

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