All-in-1 Compound


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Fireball All-In-One Compound is designed specifically for removing paint defects and achieving a stunning gloss finish in just one step. This powerful aluminum oxide polishing compound eliminates swirls, imperfections, light scratches, and dullness, leaving your paint looking deep and glossy. With a long working window and a dust-free application, Fireball All-In-One Compound can be easily applied using an orbital, rotary, or by hand with various foam pads and microfiber applicators. Whether you’re a professional detailer or a DIY enthusiast, this genuine one-step product is perfect for simplifying your polishing process. Say goodbye to complicated products – All-In-One Compound is here to revolutionize your paint-perfecting game.


  • Quickly removes swirls, imperfections, and light to medium scratches
  • Dust-free application with minimal cleanup required
  • Can be applied using an orbital buffer, rotary buffer, or by hand
  • User-friendly with a long working window for both beginners and experts


After using our All-In-One Compound, feel free to apply your favorite wax for an extra layer of protection and shine.


Keep out of reach of children.

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