Maintain & Protect Detailing Kit


Introducing our New Maintain and Protect Detailing Kit – the solution for achieving professional-level results with remarkable speed and efficiency. Our secret weapon? Pirouette, the water-based silicone-dioxide sealant with the highest si02 percentage on the market. With its unbeatable gloss and durability, it’s the key to delivering unmatched protection. But before you can experience its magic, a squeaky clean surface is a must. That’s where Reborn, our surface preparation cleaner, comes in. It ensures proper adhesion and bonding for maximum effectiveness. And that’s not all – our kit also includes the Black Fox collection of applicators and detailing towels, making it a truly unbeatable package. Get ready for an incredible one-two punch of performance and convenience. Pirouette is a spray-on sealant that uses SiO2 particles and polysiloxanes to establish a protective layer. Pirouette finishes with outstanding gloss, color depth, UV resistance, and water repellency. Pirouette can be used as a stand-alone finish, but it also works as a maintenance option for ceramic coatings. Pirouette can be used wet or dry, and is safe on all vehicle exterior surfaces.  Reborn is a powerful and efficient cleaner and ceramic coating preparation spray. Reborn is ethanol-based, designed to remove grease, oil, wax, silica residue, and other contaminants. Reborn maximizes ceramic coating bonding performance, helping ensure a proper installation. Reborn is safe on all surfaces, including paint, ceramic coating, PPF, plastics, leather, vinyl, and electronics. The Black Fox Applicator is our go-to multipurpose applicator for non-coating protection products. The applicators soft foam core is moldable but form retaining, and highly durable. The microfiber cover is soft to the touch and provides complete, streak-free coverage. Use the seamless plush microfiber to apply on interiors, exteriors, leather, rubber, vinyl, and more. The Black Fox Towel is a high-quality, high GSM all-purpose towel. With dual-sides specialized for different purposes and surfaces, this towel is exceptionally versatile. The build quality ensures no left-behind threads, along with proven usability and longevity. Use the Black Fox Towel for general cleaning, polishing, drying, wax removal, window cleaning, and more.  

Maintain & Protect Detailing Kit Includes :

1-Pirouette Retail Price $34.99
1-Reborn Retail Price $21.99
1-Black Fox Applicator Retail Price $7.99
2-Black Fox Towels Retail Price $27.98
Bundle Total = $92.95

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