Water Spot Remover Kit


Introducing our Water Spot Remover Kit: the fast and effective solution for pristine glass surfaces. Say goodbye to unsightly water spots, mineral deposits, and other stubborn contaminants. Our powerful kit tackles it all – from sticky adhesive to pesky tree sap, and even road salt and grime. The secret? Our specially formulated cleaning agents work wonders without leaving a scratch. Not only will your glass be crystal clear, but our kit also strips away rain-repellent coatings for enhanced visibility during wet weather and nighttime driving. Plus, with smoother glass, your windshield wipers will perform like never before. Rest assured, this kit is designed to safely and effectively remove water spots without damaging your vehicle surfaces. We’ve even included our top-notch Nappa Brush, which is tough on stains but gentle on your car. To ensure a flawless finish, we provide you with multiple premium blend Korean Jet Towel. Don’t let water spots mar the beauty of your glass. Upgrade to our Water Spot Remover Kit and see the difference it makes in your driving experience. Jet Towel is a microfiber towel built with detailers in mind. Its tight-weave microfibers create soft and even coverage on the microscopic level. Its build quality guarantees no fibers are left behind. And, the Jet towel is nearly twice the size of industry-standard microfiber towels, providing installers a better usability and longevity. Use the Jet Towel for ceramic coating removal and more. The Nappa Brush is an easy, effective way to clean your interior leather, plastic, vinyl, and fabric. The block’s firm core and soft lower edge aid in contouring to your interior surfaces. A built-in microfiber bristles provide frictionless application of cleaning or protective products. The Nappa Brush is safe on all interior surfaces. Water Spot is a mildly acidic cleaner aimed at safe cleaning and neutralization of mineral buildup. In addition to quick-acting cleaning, Water Spot leaves invisible, harmless alkaline compounds that help protect against future build-up and deposits. Water Spot is safe on paint, ceramic coatings, and PPF.  

Water Spot Remover Kit Includes :

1-Water Spot Retail Price $15.99
1-Nappa Brush Retail Price $18.99
2-Jet Towels Retail Price $17.98
Bundle Total = $52.96

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